I may be interested in Russian military vehicles and uniforms, but what Russia have allegedly done this week concerning mh17 is absolutely disgusting and i do not condone it in any way. mistake or not, they should own up to it and let a full investigation be carried out in respect to the victims and malaysia airlines.

Ukraine and the Rebels are just as much in suspicion at this point, besides Russia is calling for an investigation.

In addition, while this may be speculation at this point, I would think that if America and Ukraine were able to detect that the Missile came from Russia then they would have already plastered that story all over the news as evidence instead of the flimsy stuff they’re putting out now. As it stands both Russia and Ukraine have the means to do it, and the rebels are rumored to have the means to do it. 

From what I know though only one country benefits from doing it intentionally and pinning the blame on the others, 

Nothing is proven either way yet though. 


Anonymous asked:

you do know what the israeli army does in Gaza is disgusting

militaryarmament answered:

Both sides are disgusting. It’s war, and war never changes. The hate between the Jews and Muslims go so far back they probably can’t even remember why they’re still fighting. Now all they fight for is the land beneath their feet. It’s like watching two kids fighting, both blaming each other for starting it and hitting first.



okay so let me get this straight

Disney’s making a superhero movie with a Japanese lead and a multi-racial cast set in a fictionalised multi-racial world
half the human characters are women in non-sexualised costumes with completely different personalities and appearances
AND they race-bent one of the characters from the comics and made him black

No matter what you do people will find a way to whine and complain about it.



jinora has:

  • led the avatar herself into the spirit world and understood, without a master, how to communicate with the spirits
  • carried the light of hope into battle against the spirit of chaos himself and restored raava within him, enabling the avatar to defeat him and save the…

Maybe her mother refuses to let her get them until she’s older.



Something I didn’t notice until recently, because I rarely watch the first season of ATLA, is that when Sokka meets Suki ofcourse it’s obvious that he’s being a misogynist due to not believing girls can fight as well as boys (or at all) but something I just realized is how often he says “You’re a…